LabQ Makes Headway In Their New Clinical Trial Departments.

LabQ Diagnostics, a rising star in the laboratory sector, launched a state-of-the-art clinical trial department.

While this announcement comes to the delight of many, it comes as no surprise. Since its recent inception, LabQ has risen to the top at a record-breaking pace capturing the industry with speed, innovation, and accuracy.

Since the onset of Covid 19, LabQ has been working feverishly and has initiated the research of many Covid related research trials. They have designed a successful Covid antibody quantitative test which can be performed with a minute amount of capillary blood.

The research team is being led by a Columbian University research veteran with decades of experience conducting clinical trials. Dr. Chaudhry Subrata has an unprecedented track record of results within the studies he participated in.

“The greatest aspect of being part of the LabQ Diagnostics research team is the unlimited resources we have at our disposal in the form of tools, equipment, and the facility. There is nothing like conducting a study in your own facility. It adds so much value to the process and progress,” says R. Subrata.

The entire team is dedicated to one single cause: Bringing innovative medical advancements and solutions to the public with speed and precision. Dr. Martin King, the Medical Director of our research department stresses the team and client dedication that is present at LabQ.

“We would not have the ability to perform our studies and accomplish so much without the help and dedication of our team and our clients.”

The LabQ revolution is taking the industry by storm. It started when their doors were forced to open a year earlier than expected due to the onset of Covid 19. LabQ hasn’t looked back since. Within this short time frame, they have metamorphosed into the lab giants they’re currently known for surpassing their counterparts in their ability to process thousands of samples daily with accuracy and speed.

LabQ currently has over 100 mobile locations as well as multiple stand-alone facilities and is quickly expanding its network with new locations cropping up all over the United States. Their goal is to expand their reach without compromising on their renowned speed and accuracy.

While the announcement of this new department comes now, research progress is underway and is focused primarily on Covid 19 studies which include:

Covid 19 variant strains, Covid 19 sequencing, DBS Covid 19 antibody screening, and CT values related to active Covid 19 infection.

LabQ takes this opportunity to thank the clients that have been so dedicated to the cause.

“It’s all thanks to our loyal clients who show so much interest and extend so much help in aiding these clinical trials”, says Dr. Frank Hussain.

LabQ will stop at nothing. The uber rapid growth and innovation within such a short time period is indicative of what lies ahead.

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