Quick and accurate results for COVID-19 testing.

Testing Locations Wherever you are.

You have a life going on and cannot always stop drop and roll into our lab. But that shouldn’t keep you back from staying safe and tested at all times.


Turnaround Time​ Matters.

When time is of the essence, every hour saved is an hour earned.

You will have guaranteed access to your results within 24 hours.

That’s a large promise.One we’ve never broken.

Only an industry leader can make a claim like that.And we make it with confidence.

It all boils down to technology.

The only lab in all of New York that can brag about owning a PerkinElmer - Rated by the FDA as the most sensitive COVID-19 test.

Bragging aside, what’s it to you?​


There’s no room for error.  The equipment we use leaves a zero percent mistake margin.  That means one hundred percent accuracy for every test taken.  Cool.


A specimen that doesn’t change hands and isn’t tampered with doesn’t get contaminated.  That doesn’t mean the process isn’t monitored.  It just means the standards are higher.


When the possible number of daily tests is 150,000, there will never be backlog, extra waiting, or quantity overwhelm.  Yes, that is one hundred and fifty thousand tests every single day.

Test Results
The after matters too.

Test results should be easy to access and easier to decipher.

You will receive fast and easy access to your test results.

How easy?Just a matter of logging in to our portal and seeing results you can read and understand.


You have been tested. Hopefully youv'e got the (coveted) antibodies.

All you need now is proof.

You will receive an official ID card with proof of your results.

It's like a clear signal, only better.Let the world know that you are Safe and Sound.

A sample is taken by a qualified technician or other healthcare provider from the nose using a swab.

The test for SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – detects genetic material from the virus. It uses PCR – a technology that amplifies the genes so that they can be detected.

The test looks for specific SARS-CoV-2 genetic material. An initial screening test may be positive because of the presence of other, non SARS CoV-2 coronaviruses. If your sample tests positive a further test for another target gene from the virus will be used to confirm it.

Yes, Testing is done by walk-ups and  appointments; however, we do suggesnt to make an appointment in order to save time

No. You can get tested without a prescription

Insurance covers 100% of the cost for the COVID-19 testing. There is no co-pay or deductible

No. If you do not have insurance you can still test with no cost to you at all

Results are available in 24 hours on average.

Results will be provided within 24-48 hours after testing on the LabQ  Patient Portal

If you registered with your email address, you will receive an email when the results are available.

If you do not have access to email, you can call our patient center  888-LabQ-247

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