LabQ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for newest lab and data hub in Mt. Olive.


Mt. Olive, NJ - On Wednesday, May 19th, HQ Health partnered with Robert Greenbaum, the mayor of Mt. Olive, to host an Open House and Ribbon Cutting.   The event was held for the new HQ Center at 100 International Dr., in the International Trade Center in Mt. Olive.

In addition to being the headquarters for HQ Health, this 100,000 square foot facility will hold LabQ Diagnostics’ state-of-the-art Molecular and Genetics Center which HQ Health will use to provide revolutionary personalized medicine. The center will also house the first of five national data centers. This location will also manage the other five.  HQ Health is investing over $160 million in cutting edge cyber-security defense systems.  This location will employ over 1,000 employees.

HQ is the new LabQ brand name for their suite of comprehensive and complete healthcare services, designed around the core mission to bring medicine to the highest level of personalization and convenience for each patient.  

The HQ model incorporates each person’s molecular and genetic information, medical histories and regularly scheduled laboratory monitoring to tailor a life plan for the individual to optimize their health. This will be coupled with a holistic offering of telemedicine and telecounseling providers,  several at-home services and community wellness and fitness centers, designed to optimize the member’s opportunities to better health.

”Eighty-seven percent of the ability for a doctor to diagnose comes from lab results” said Moshe Landau, CEO of HQ Healthcare.  “We want to treat the healthy not the sick. To do this we must learn who the patient is. With our acuity to testing and monitoring we can prevent and maintain your health rather than react in a time of crisis. The advancements in genomics provide invaluable insight into each individual patient. There is so much that the human body can tell us.  We just have to listen.  The lab forms the base for a  complete ecosystem encompassing all the patient may need and then more. HQ aims to give you control of your health.”

“We are so excited to be here in Mt. Olive,” Landau continues. “Mt. Olive has been evaluated as one of the safest towns in the country.  Also, we have very good access to the Connecticut to Pennsylvania corridor.”

HQ Health is very serious about data safety as well.  “Quick and accurate results are important as they drive diagnosis and treatment.  Any delay can impact patient outcomes,” Landau continues. “This is also why we are investing so heavily in cyber-protection and security.  Last week’s hack of the Colonial Pipeline for a Bitcoin ransom shows us we must be ever vigilant to keep our systems foolproof and safe.  The world is full of bad actors.  There are thousands of cyber-attacks each day and we must maintain the highest of security levels.  The data of our patients depends on it.”

“This becomes more important as we strive to offer increasingly personalized medicine.  With having more data comes the responsibility to provide more and more protections.”

LabQ is further expanding their lab footprint, with additional laboratories opening soon in Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Future expansion is also being planned.

The data center in Mt. Olive is one of five data centers that HQ Health will have throughout the country.  Each will be independent and completely identical to the others.  Each of the centers will house the complete library of data for all patients, to provide redundancy, in case of any cyber-compromise. These data centers will all be managed from the Mt. Olive headquarters.

About LabQ and HQ Healthcare

LabQ was established in Brooklyn, NY in 2020 and quickly became the most innovative and advanced laboratory in the region, using technology and automation to expedite results.  LabQ’s mission is to deliver quick results for doctors and local hospitals within the shortest period of time, thereby saving thousands of lives.  This has established their reputation.  This was especially important with Covid-19 testing over this past year as every minute mattered when it came to diagnosis, treatment and further exposures.

In addition to a full complement of core clinical testing, the Brooklyn lab has the capacity to run over 150,000 Covid-19 tests per 24 hours.

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