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COVID-19 Infection Tests

Swab Test - PCR

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
A Genetic test looks for the virus’s RNA in a swab.

Nasal Swab

Lab or Doctors Office

PCR Technology

24hrs on Average

99.7% Accurate

Covered by all Insurance Providers*

*COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Cash Price
COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Test: $500,  Collection Fee: $117

R PCR Full Respiratory Panel: $3000 (Results within 2 Hours)

We can bill your insurance or, if you are uninsured, we can utilize federal funds to cover the cost of this test on your behalf.  Federal legislation enacted in March 2020 requires comprehensive private health insurance plans to cover this test and provides funds for reimbursement to providers for COVID-19 testing for uninsured patients.

For Antibody Test - Blood Test

Looks for signs that a person has had an infection with the virus and had an immune response.

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